Celebrate Dr. King's Legacy of Unity, Peace, and Equality

Rousing performances and magical experiences...sharing the spirit of unity.

MLK TOUR 2023 A Big Hit!

Experience Engaging Programs That Bring Us Together

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King's Dream

A unique rousing tribute to an American legend. The dream continues...

Keepers of the Dream... Women Freedom Fighters

They get the job done!
Women at the forefront of the fight for social change...past and present.

United We Stand

Unity is strength...be inspired by those who united for change. When people work together, wonderful things can be achieved.

Young Leaders of the Civil Rights Movement

A first grader and nine high school students stood at the forefront of social reform. Explore how their efforts provide inspiration for today's youth to carry the torch for change.

The Road to Freedom

The story of the crusaders for civil rights and social equality is brought to life through images and song.

Let Freedom Sing

There's power in the music. Sing along with us! Spirituals, freedom songs, Bob Dylan's "Blowin in the Wind", Sam Cooke's "A Change is Gonna Come", songs of a revolution.

Respect: Aretha's Musical Civil Rights Journey

In her voice, you can hear the history. Her voice...her music....the movement.

Rosa Parks and the Women of Civil Rights

Rosa's courageous defiance, sparked a movement. Ruby's silent protest, Fannie Mae's fight for voting rights, learn of their conviction for change.

The Awesome Traveling Black History Show

Who is considered the father of jazz? Get the answer this and other cool facts in African American history.

What people are saying...

“Inspirational and memorable...a moving performance enjoyed by everyone in attendance...a wonderful experience.”
American University
Assistant director, multicultural affairs
“A one-of-a-kind presentation…full of soul...emotional songs [and] imagery. Songs are sung with intense powerful emotion. Very well received...brilliant performance...a very awe-stricken and inspired audience.”
The Beacon Press
“Your multimedia presentations keep the audience riveted and clapping in the aisles...many students commented on how much they learned from the event.”
Monmouth University
Director, Student Activities

Client reviews

What teachers and administrators say?

"The enthusiastic reaction from our students to the program, and positive remarks by our staff members confirms the [your] production is a winner. We plan to have you back
Marshall Ceasar
Assistant Principal,
Ann Mullen Middle School
“Worth every penny of our school’s assembly budget. Our students gained greater understanding of diversity issues...they really liked the program.”
Marge Henton
Central regional high school
Thank you for a fantastic performance! Your top-notch performers always keep our students engaged. Your mission of diversity is a powerful message that our students need to hear.
Ronald Corn
Curriculum Director
Haddon Heights School District