"Remember your dream is your only scheme, so keep on pushing..."

Curtis Mayfield

Let Freedom Sing celebrates the vitality of the unforgettable songs that propelled the American Civil Rights Movement, and explores how these simple but stirring anthems have the power to sustain movements change today.

This engaging program weaves together performances of timeless songs including We Shall Overcome, People Get Ready, and Bob Dylan’s Blowin’ in the Wind.

Viewers travel on an unforgettable journey through the music of Mahalia Jackson,  Curtis Mayfield, James Brown, Peter Seeger, and others who provided the soundtrack for a revolution.


  • Live Commentary
  • Live Musical Performance
  • Integrated Video Projection 

TARGETED GRADE LEVEL: Elementary Version (K-5) and Secondary Version (6-8, 9-12)

PROGRAM MATERIALS: Student Worksheets and Teaching Resource Guides

CORE CURRICULUM & TOPICS:  Civil Right, Social Justice, Activism, Equality, Non-violence,  Social Studies, Humanities, Music History, Music Education, African American culture, Conflict Resolution 

Client reviews

What teachers and administrators say?

"The enthusiastic reaction from our students to the program, and positive remarks by our staff members confirms the [your] production is a winner. We plan to have you back
Marshall Ceasar
Assistant Principal,
Ann Mullen Middle School
“Worth every penny of our school’s assembly budget. Our students gained greater understanding of diversity issues...they really liked the program.”
Marge Henton
Central regional high school
“Fantastic! Your assemblies are always well received by the entire school.”
Angela Melroy
Teacher/Assembly Coordinator Bells Elementary School