Getting Along is a live interactive multimedia program that helps youngsters identify why conflicts occur and provides the skills needed to resolve disputes peacefully. 

This engaging presentation includes thoughtful commentary, captivating video images, and inspiring songs. Teenagers give candid remarks and social specialists give advice on important issues that concern today’s youth.

“Student excitement and participation in the program was overwhelming.  The skills in conflict resolution they acquired along with the classroom discussion that followed the program was very impressive.”

Counselor,  Maple Point Middle School

 “Your music, video, and narrative communicated exceptionally well to our students that non-violence was the way to go to resolve conflict. The positive comments from both staff and students about the successful program reaffirm that your  message was well received.”

Principal,  Central Regional High School


  • Live Commentary
  • Live Musical Performance
  • Integrated Video Projection 


TARGETED GRADE LEVELS: Elementary Version (K-5) Secondary Version (6-8, 9-12)


PROGRAM MATERIALS: Student Worksheets and Teaching Resource Guides

CORE CURRICULUM & TOPICS: Conflict Resolution Skills, Keeping Schools Safe, War & Peace, Self-Esteem, Anti-Bullying, Peer Mediation, Non-violence, Peer Pressure,  Cyber-Bulling, Communication Skills 

Client reviews

What teachers and administrators say?

"The enthusiastic reaction from our students to the program, and positive remarks by our staff members confirms the [your] production is a winner. We plan to have you back
Marshall Ceasar
Assistant Principal,
Ann Mullen Middle School
“Worth every penny of our school’s assembly budget. Our students gained greater understanding of diversity issues...they really liked the program.”
Marge Henton
Central regional high school
“Fantastic! Your assemblies are always well received by the entire school.”
Angela Melroy
Teacher/Assembly Coordinator Bells Elementary School