“Being the Queen is not all about singing...it has much to do with your service to people. And your social contributions to your community and your civic contributions as well.”

Aretha Franklin

In her voice, we could feel our history. Aretha Franklin spent the turbulent 60s building her career, and in 1967 released “Respect”, her most famous song, and one that became inextricably linked to the civil rights and feminist movements of the time. 

Take a musical journey through the life of the anointed “Queen of Soul”.


  • Live Commentary
  • Live Musical Performance
  • Integrated Video Projection 


CORE CURRICULUM & TOPICS: Civil Rights, Women’s Rights, American History, Multicultural Awareness, African American musical heritage,  Social Studies, Humanities, Feminism, The Turbulent 1960s

Client reviews

What people say?

"Comments about the event have been extremely positive. Your multimedia presentation and invitation for the audience to clap and sing along made the performance most engaging, meaningful, and entertaining."
Andy A. Herrera
Director of Educational Equity and Diversity Programs Penn State University, The Behrend College
“Inspirational and memorable...a moving performance enjoyed by everyone in attendance...a wonderful experience.”
American University
Assistant director, multicultural affairs
"A different approach…well worth seeing. The production is outstanding.”
Asbury Park Press