Young Leaders of the Civil Rights Movement

Young Leaders of the Civil Rights Movement is an inspiring multimedia performance that provides insight to the legacy of student activism in America, and gives motivation to people of all ages to lead in today’s challenge for social justice and reform. The movement is not just a part of history but, a part of present-day political reality.



Young Leaders of the Civil Rights Movement Promo Video YouTube play


From the current events on the campus of the University of Missouri to the Black Lives Matter Movement, to the Occupy Wall Street rallies, the power of students banding together for positive change has sparked a flame of social reform worldwide. This dynamic presentation tells the story of the daring young people who led in teaching freedom and equality during the civil rights movement and beyond.

Candid comments and video interviews of 21st century students,  along with powerful film footage, thoughtful commentary, and inspiring musical performance, explains how a student led movement started in elementary schools, at universities, and led to the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and had inspired change today.

Program Duration: 45 minutes


Program Highlights:

Integrated Video Projection

Live musical performance

Live Narration


Curriculum connections: Student Activism, Humanities, Diversity,  Language Arts, Social Studies, Literature, African American History, Civil Rights, Human Rights, Politics, Music Education.

Educational Support Materials: Teaching resources and student worksheets are provided for classroom discussion and student assessment.