United We Stand


We all know that unity is strength. If there is unity among people, their strength can move mountains. Success depends on unity.

United We Stand highlights the importance of unity and perseverance as evidenced in efforts of those who banded together for social change during the American civil rights movement, and present-day advocates for change around the globe.

Historical references include the Montgomery Bus Boycott, Little Rock Nine, the Freedom Fighters, The Suffrage Movement, The Arab Spring, Black Lives Matter and more. This dynamic multimedia presentation uses thoughtful commentary, integrated video projection and live musical performance to celebrate the ties that bind us together and challenges us to embrace what sets us apart.

Audience members interact with stage performers by engaging in dialog and singing along to song that motivate and inspire.

  • LIVE Music
  • Live Narration
  • Video Projections
  • PROGRAM DURATION:¬†45 minutes
  • PROGRAM MATERIALS:¬†Teaching resources